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So you are looking for a new elliptical exercise machine. That’s great because there are few pieces of home exercise equipment that will give you such a well-rounded workout when you use them. Maybe you did not know that there are several different types of elliptical exercise machines. That’s exactly why I decided to write this article. If you know exactly what types of elliptical machines you have to choose from you can make a purchase that better suits your needs and your budget.

You might be surprised to learn there are several different ways that an elliptical training machine is put together. There are machines that are rear-drive powered, machines that are perfectly suited for home use and even elliptical machines that are portable enough to take with you as you travel. Go ahead and explore the different types of elliptical trainers I have written about and pick out the type that best fits your needs and start shopping.

Best Rear Drive Elliptical

When looking for a new elliptical training machine you may be interested in finding one that is rear driven. That’s because these types of exercise machines tend to operate smoothly and are easy on your body when you use them. They are among the lowest impact type of elliptical exercise machines because of the way they operate. It’s also the type of elliptical machines that you will often find in high-end health clubs and gyms. That alone should convince you that you can never go wrong buying a rear-end driven elliptical training machine. So read on and find out more about the benefits of owning a rear-drive elliptical trainer.

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High-Quality Front-Drive Ellipticals

As I continue on in my articles about elliptical trainer types we come to front-driven models. Although they are not as popular in gyms as high-end rear-drive elliptical trainers are, they are excellent for home use because they work great, are sturdy and they can be very affordable too. As a matter of fact, front-driven elliptical training machines tend to dominate the home market as far as these types of exercise machines go. So I feel they are definitely worth taking a closer look at if you are looking for an elliptical machine that operates smoothly and yet is still affordable.

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Best Compact Elliptical Trainer

You have probably heard all about the benefits of exercising on an elliptical type training machine. You know they are easy on the joints, don’t need power to run them and give you a great full body workout. They are also available in some affordable models too. You have one big problem though. You do not have enough room in your home to put a very large model elliptical machine. All is not lost for you though. That’s because some elliptical manufacturers had the foresight to make more compact elliptical trainers. Read about them here.

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Best Elliptical For Home Use

So you want an elliptical exercise machine to use in your home. I think that’s an excellent choice because of the well-rounded workouts these machines give you. You must be aware though that not every elliptical made is good for home use or practical for it. That’s because some elliptical training machines are either too big or too expensive for home use. Well, I have identified some elliptical machines that are excellent for home use to help you when shopping for a new one. The machines that I point out in this article are affordable, don’t take up a huge amount of space and will give you a great workout too.

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Best Hybrid Elliptical Machine

Maybe you have been looking at home exercise equipment and one of the types that really appeal to you is elliptical machines. You are not quite sure if that is the type you want though and you really can’t afford to buy more than one home exercise machine. Well, all is not lost. In this article I will identify some exercise machines that are not only elliptical trainers but they can also be set up to help you do other exercises too. These new ‘hybrid’ types of exercise machines are becoming very popular among those who like to workout at home.

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Hopefully, after reading these articles you will understand more about such things as how elliptical exercise machines work, what type of price ranges different machines fall under and if they are best for home or professional gym use. I even mentioned that some elliptical training machines are more compact than others. All of this was written to help you better understand the characteristics of these great workout apparatus. Once you know these things you will be able to make a much sounder elliptical machine purchasing decision.

Knowledge is power when it comes to making any purchase the right way and it’s no different with an elliptical exercise machine. I hope these articles have been helpful to you in that respect and they will lead you to get the perfect elliptical training machine for those healthy workouts that you love.