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With all of the studies that have been done confirming exercise benefits your body so much it seems like everyone is in search these days of the perfect workout. That’s why so many people are purchasing exercise machines that they can easily keep, use and store in their home. Some of those exercise machines seem to just be gimmicks while yet others will give you a great all-around workout. Of the later, I really like what an elliptical training machine can do for your body.

That’s why I chose to take a closer look at some of the top manufacturers of these great in-home exercise apparatus.Not all elliptical machine manufacturers get it right though. On the other hand, some elliptical manufacturers have designed machines that operate smoothly, give you a great workout and have a variety of different controls you can input into them. Those are the types of elliptical exercise machines we will take a closer look at here.

Best NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical cross-trainers offer better fitness training than most cardio exercising units on the market. These trainers allow you to exercise both your lower and upper body. Therefore, you will be able to tone down your muscles without affecting your back or joints. One of the top-notch elliptical are from NordicTrack and if you end up with such a unit, you will enjoy many great benefits. One such benefit is that Nordictrack will offer you smooth motion for both the lower and upper body. They offer you a whole-body workout in an effective way that allows you to simultaneously exercise your arms, legs, chest, shoulder, and back.

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Best Precor Elliptical Machine

The Precor brand prides itself in producing high-quality elliptical machines and is quite popular in the fitness industry. They have been in this industry for close to three decades and they strive to produce premium fitness tools. Most of their products employ the latest technology to deliver outstanding results and are safe to use. The Precor family consists of various models that are designed to meet different user needs. They include CrossRamp machine, Rear-Drive machine, Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT), and Precision machine.

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Best Sole Elliptical Trainers

Statistics show that third of the US population is dealing with overweight issues. This may not just be an issue of poor diets but also because of lack of exercise. There are many training options on the market, but the low-impact elliptical machine would be an ideal choice if you need a safe way to do your physical exercises. Buying a Sole elliptical trainer would, therefore, go a long way in improving your health. This machine combines the capabilities of a treadmill and step-machine to give you a unit that is not only complete but also gentle on your knees.

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Best ProForm Elliptical Trainer

A Proform elliptical machine is a common exercise unit in most modern gyms and health clubs. The design of most low-impact cardio trainers makes them home friendly and easy to use. You just need to stand on the pedals, hold the handle, and then move back and forth as the legs are moving in either oval or elliptical motion. A ProForm elliptical trainer does exactly what it says on the tin and is a versatile tool that comes with many benefits. It combines the effects of climbing stairs, riding a bike, and cross-country skiing into one unit. The good thing about ProForm is that they are gentle on joints and offers intensive workout experience in a much safer way. You need to consider the various options on the market in order to get one that fits your needs.

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Best Schwinn Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn brand is quite popular, thanks to their quality and reliable ellipticals. Founded in 1895, and known for revolutionizing the bicycle industry. It moved fully into the fitness industry in 1965 with their own workout machine. Even though they don’t have many elliptical machines on the market, their units are specialized, sophisticated, and offer excellent workout through various programs.

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Best Nautilus Elliptical Machine

The Nautilus company was founded 40 years ago and is among the leading producers of home fitness products. Their many years in the industry have enabled them to discover the best fitness formula. Their products utilize the latest technologies to enhance the training experience. Therefore, the Nautilus ellipticals are popular equipment that are not only known for generating fast results but also durability. With a Nautilus elliptical, you will be able to enjoy exercises that include running, walking, stair climbing to get into the best form of your life.

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There is a reason why so many choose elliptical machines to help them get a great workout. It’s because they tend to workout several areas of your body as opposed to other types of exercise machines that just work out say your arms and legs. They are great for providing you with some healthy aerobic exercise too. That’s exactly why we decided to take a look at the best brands of elliptical training machines in these articles.

It was my hope that by identifying the best elliptical manufacturers it would greatly simplify your search for a new machine. That way you won’t have to waste your time looking at elliptical equipment that does not measure up to most users standards. I have done much of the legwork for you based on extensive research and proven exercise results.