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Best Schwinn Elliptical Machine

Schwinn is a popular brand in elliptical fitness industry with reliable and quality product. The company has been around since 1895, and has been the brain behind a lot of revolution in the bicycle industry for more than 120 years. Schwinn moved into the fitness game in 1965, when they produce their first workout machine. They have moved from producing exercise bikes and onto first class elliptical machines. There are not many ellipticals on the market from the Schwinn stable, but their products are sophisticated, specialized, and offer excellent customized services to various users. Below, we have compiled a list of the best Schwinn Elliptical machine on the market today. Moreover, you can also read through our comprehensive buying guide that includes all the information you need in order to make an informed buying decision.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn has for a long time been known for their high-quality elliptical trainers, and they have maintained this desirable trait with the Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine. The 470 is quiet smooth running elliptical trainer that is designed to help you stay in shape. It is fitted with an onboard computer that tracks your track time, distance covered and calories burnt. Unlike other elliptical machines, the 470 uses a motorized ramp which can be tilted to 10 degrees to increase difficulty while training. The 20″ stride and footplate system helps simulate a natural footpath and increasing the intensity of the training.

The footplate adopted in the 470 is quite different from the belt system as it provides resistance to the trainer’s feet. Dual backlit screens provide the user with their training stats, and they can optionally export this data to other training apps. Schwinn Connect allows you to share your data to almost all fitness apps thus improving your training. Users can also use the FitnessPal website to track their body statistics.

Two sets of handlebars are provided which includes static and moving handlebars. Moving handlebars provide more stability when the user is training for activities such as jogging, running and hill climbs. Heart rate sensors are fitted within the handlebars and help monitor your results. Inbuilt acoustic speakers and a mp3 player will keep you entertained as you train. Additionally, there is a 3-speed fan system which was included to keep you cool during workout sessions.

This is an elliptical machine packed with awesome features that include the Schwinn Connect system that syncs your training data with fitness apps, 29 fitness programs which include 12 workout profiles, 9 heart rate controls and 4 user defined fitness profiles. Additionally, the flywheel has 25 Eddy Current Braking (ECB) system and high-speed inertia perimeter. There is also a USB port for data exchange and 3 speed fan for cooling along with an acoustic music system. Moreover, it features a high weight capacity of 300 pounds. On top of that, this Schwinn elliptical comes with a 10 year warranty on the frame, 2 year mechanical warranty, and 1 year electrical warranty.

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Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 430 is seen as an entry level elliptical trainer, and the Schwinn company decided to produce an affordable elliptical trainer around $500 without compromising on build quality and features. The 430 elliptical trainer has some great fitness features, and users can track their performance via Schwinn-Connect or MyFitnessPal. You do not have to be a techie to use the on-board computer or transfer data to your application. An inbuilt computer helps to track your training stats and comes with 22 fitness programs.

Users can create their custom fitness programs and get better results with their training by using the 6 incline positions and 20 levels. This system uses a weighted flywheel which has proven to be silent and smooth. It comes as an elliptical machine with a centrally placed display that plays a pivotal role in informing the trainer about their stats. The displays is broken into two consoles; one console is dedicated for fat burning, and the other is designed for entertainment.

Two sets of handlebars were provided with one set remaining static and the other handlebar set is movable. Schwinn adopted and ergonomic approach in designing the handlebars, and they provide minimal resistance as you exercise. Built in acoustic speakers help provide entertainment and can play mp3 files from the USB source. The flywheel uses Schwinn’s Eddy Current Braking (ECB) system that is less susceptible to wear and tear. Cooling fans were also included to keep workout sessions as comfortable as possible.

Just like every Schwinn elliptical, this unit comes with everything that you need to get into shape quickly and effectively. It comes with 20 Level Eddy current braking system, 22 fitness programs, 6 incline position with 10-degree inclination. Additionally, it includes the Schwinn Connect system for pairing with fitness apps, a USB port for data transfer, music system and built-in computer with trackers. There is also a 10 year warranty on the frame, 2 year mechanical warranty, and 1 year electrical warranty.

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Schwinn 430 Elliptical (version 2016)

The Schwinn 430 2016 Elliptical is a six position workout ramp designed for a low-impact workout. It comes with 22 preset exercise programs which fast-track your weight loss program. To improve on user comfort, Schwinn is fitted with a precision footpath motion technology which allows trainers to run comfortably. The 20-inch stride system helps simulate a natural footpath and is cushioned to prevent injuries. High inertia drive system was integrated to prevent injuries by having slow start-ups and smooth running.

The ramp can be inclined into 6 different positions to maximize your challenging workouts. Ergonomic handlebars are fitted to provide extra support while running or jogging. Sensors located on the handlebars will monitor your heart rate and display the results on the screen. Built in music system will help you power through the workout session and turn training into a fun activity.

Fitness apps have increasingly become popular, and the Schwinn 2016 onboard computer will transfer your training metrics via USB. Syncing your data with fitness apps helps you to monitor your body and adjust your training according to your needs and comfort level. It is built using durable materials and you are guaranteed that it will outlast quality elliptical trainers.

Overall, this is magnificent elliptical machine including tons of different features that all help you to get the most out of your training. For example, you can enjoy onboard training computer with 22 training programs. Also, you can track your process with 20 resistance levels and it includes heart-rate sensors on the handlebars. Additionally, there is a music player, a USB port for charging, double LCD system and transport wheels for easy moving. At last, Schwinn provides a 10 year warranty on the frame, 2 years warranty for any mechanical damage and 1 year warranty on any electrical fault.

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Schwinn Elliptical Buying Guide

Schwinn products have a history with people that love bicycle around the world; this is also true for the exercise machines. Integrating many features to the Schwinn elliptical line like the HD screen and the reclining units has improved the way we do workout on them. Schwinn has changed the way we view the elliptical fitness world. Therefore, if you have been looking for a elliptical training machine delivering top rated experience, the Schwinn could revolutionize your workout routine.

These machines are stationary, and if you are looking for a machine that you can fold after use, then you should look somewhere else. However, if you want a sturdy and a long lasting elliptical machine, then you should consider purchasing from the Schwinn elliptical series. Below you can read about all the features and what to expect from a Schwinn elliptical.


Schwinn offers various programs in their lines of ellipticals while other companies only provide around 14-15 programs. They do not only offer a wide array of diverse programs, they also offer many programs that the user can customize towards his/her fitness needs and demands. These programs include heart rate control, fitness tests, and various work out challenges that are designed to keep the user fit.

Moreover, Schwinn ellipticals are extremely easy to use. For example the Schwinn ellipticals, offer total body and low impact workout that will eliminate all forms of fatigue or injuries. Also, the Schwinn machines include high-quality HD screen, that allow you to view the workout data on the screen while you exercise. Moreover, you can also use the display to program settings and customize your workout routines.

On top of all these great features, the Schwinn units offer a so-called reclined technology within elliptical trainers. They are one of the few companies in the market that produce the reclined Elliptical machine. This reclined technology enables you to perform intensive workout without high-impact on your joints. Their products offer the user a great posture, and you also get the strength and muscle building that you won’t get from other elliptical brands.


Schwinn ellipticals feature a very strong and durable frame that allows people with various body weights to do a convenient workout. Moreover, the Schwinn elliptical machines with excellent design and a HD LCD screen that allows the user to view all the workout report that they are doing simultaneously on the screen. Additionally, there is a motorized ramp on selected models that allow the user to do a challenging, customized workout. Then there is a 20″ stride length, like in the Schwinn 470, that makes it an excellent machine for people of fitness levels to train with.

There are also many customizable features included in Schwinn machines that allow the user to adjust various workout towards their fitness needs and then improve their results. On top of that, such elliptical training products with excellent handlebars also come with built-in heart rate monitor grip that allows you track your heart beat and customize your exercise according to your fitness shape.

What to Consider

Before you make up your final buying decision, there are few things that you need to be aware of. The warranty is an extremely important factor that requires your attention. The warranty is usually a good indicator of the quality of the machine. Even though Schwinn does not offer the lengthiest warranty in the business, their models are known to last for many years to come, and users are extremely happy with their purchase since these are reasonably priced elliptical machine under $1000. Additionally, you need to consider the pedals because sometimes you cannot adjust the pedals. Therefore, you should opt-for a machine that you can adjust the pedals towards different workout needs.

At last, then there is the price. The price point plays an important role in the final decision. You may get fairly priced Schwinn elliprical machines out there, and they live up to their potential. They are heavy, due to the industry-grade material that they are built from and more weight usually holds in hand with price. Therefore, it is important to be on the lookout for the most convenient and cheapest shipping distributor. If you want to save on shipping, your best option is to look out for “free shipping” label that can save you a lot of money in transportation.

Final Thoughts

From the good reputation of Schwinn and its first-rate design features, these elliptical machines are receiving top ratings all over the Internet from professionals and customers that are thrilled with their Schwinn ellipticals. There are many things to consider before you invest your money in an elliptical machine. Before you make up your mind, read over our Schwinn elliptical reviews to ensure that you end up with the best Schwinn elliptical unit that fits your fitness shape and needs. It is crucial that you do your own research and compare different machines so that you receive a durable and efficient elliptical. That way, you will end up with a product that lasts for many years to come. At last, Schwinn offers industry-leading customer support and warranties that will protect your investment in case you run into troubles.