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People in the world today are more health and exercise conscious than ever. The problem is that driving back and forth to the gym and exercising every day can be very time consuming. That has translated into people looking to save time by exercising at home. This has caused people to search for the perfect home exercise machine. Of all the home exercise machines to train with, I feel an elliptical machine gives you the best combined cardio and whole body workout. That’s why I felt compelled to create this website which gives you much information about this unique piece of home exercise equipment.

What else is there to like about elliptical training machines? Many people who use them claim they give you a good low impact workout because of how smoothly they operate. They won’t leave you with sore feet, arms, knees or a sore back after you are done working out on them. Elliptical exercise machines are also fairly compact, easy to use and are an effective part of any weight loss routine.

The goal of this website is to help you find the perfect piece of elliptical training equipment that matches your needs and budget. We will help you do that by doing a series of reviews on the best elliptical training machines based on categories. These categories fall under such headings as price range, elliptical machine type and popular brand name elliptical manufacturers’.

Elliptical Ratings by Brand

As is the case with many products, certain manufacturers just seem to get it right when they design a product. It’s no different with elliptical exercise machines. There are manufacturers out there that do a better job than others when it comes to making elliptical training equipment. I will identify these manufacturers for you and tell you why I feel they do a great designing these highly in-demand exercise machines. There will even be reviews of what I feel are the best elliptical machines that each manufacturer makes.

Elliptical Ratings by Price

Price range is a great way to shop for any elliptical trainer. That’s because if you are like most people, you probably know the exact budget range you are looking to shop for an elliptical trainer in. We have grouped elliptical exercise products in such price ranges as less than $500, less than $1000, less than $1500 and higher end elliptical trainers.

Under each category, you will be able to read reviews on elliptical training machines that will get you the most machine for your money in that category. All of the elliptical trainers that we review in each price range are the best in this class. You will most likely be amazed at some of the great buys you can get on elliptical exercise machines in each price range.

Elliptical Ratings by Type

Different people have different needs when it comes to elliptical training equipment. That’s why I chose to break down elliptical machines by type on this website too. That way it will help you go right away to an elliptical machine category that best matches what type of elliptical exercise trainer best suits your needs.

You might have limited space and need a compact style elliptical machine, have an unlimited budget and want all the bells and whistles, or even want a front or rear driven exercise machine. Some people even want a dual-purpose elliptical machine that will allow it to function as other exercise apparatus too. No matter what type of elliptical trainer you are looking for, you will definitely find some great models under each type we do reviews on.